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How To Give Paste Preparations to Cats

CatHairballRemedyThe most common type of paste preparation you may give to your cat by mouth at home is a hairball remedy. These are sticky and designed to be palatable to cats. Compared to pills, paste is tough to spit out or drop out of the mouth. Like peanut butter, these preparations stick to the roof of the cat's mouth.

General Tips for Giving Cats Paste Medications

Follow the general guidelines for giving pills and liquids, but place the material on the roof of the mouth instead of at the back or side of the mouth.

Here are some additional tips and tricks:

  • For some cats, you can place the paste medication on the tops of the front paws, and the cat will automatically clean them off, ingesting the paste. Other cats will simply race around the house, trying to shake the paste off.
  • As when giving any other medications to your cat, have your veterinarian demonstrate the technique best suited to you cat before you begin.
  • A soft towel wrapped around your cat and a capable assistant can help to make this a safer, easier procedure.

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