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What Does the M on Your Cat's Forehead Mean?

This article explains why there is often a prominent M on cats' foreheads.

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Are All Ginger Cats Male?

Find out what makes cats orange and whether they're all male cats.

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Siamese Color Points Explained

There's a fascinating reason why Siamese cats have lighter bodies and darker extremities. Find out what it is.

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Are Calico Cats Always Sassy?

Take a look at what the research shows about whether or not calico and tortie cats deserve their reputation for having catitudes.

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Names for Black Cats

It can be fun to use the color of your cat's fur to help you decide on a name. Here, find fun names for black cats.

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Black Cats

Black cats, superstitions, Halloween, and bad luck. What are the myths, misconceptions, and truths about black cats?

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Learn Why Adopting Black Cats Is Smart: VIDEO

Black cats have the hardest time getting adopted. Learn why adopting a black cat is a great idea.

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