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Territorial Aggression in Cats

Learn more about why cats sometimes attack people or pets in the home because of territorialism and what you can do.

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What to Do About Cats That Bite

Learn the most common reasons cats bite their owners and other pets in the home. Find links to specific reasons and ways to stop the biting behavior.

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Redirected Aggression in Cats

Learn what causes redirected aggression in cats and what to do about it.

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Why Do Cats Hiss at People?

There are number of reasons your cat might hiss at you. Here are some of the main ones, and some steps you can take to ameliorate the situation...

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Cat Aggression Overview

There are several different types of feline aggression.

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Play Aggression in Cats

Common episodes of feline play aggression most often involve young cats (less than 3 years old) weaned at an early age, or hand-raised and bottle-fed.

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Petting Induced Aggression in Cats

What causes a cat to behave aggressively when only moments before they were enjoying being petted? Learn about what may cause petting induced aggression.

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Human-Directed Aggression in Cats

Learn about what may cause your usually loving cat to lash out with aggressive behavior. The two leading causes of human directed aggression in cats are play aggression and status-related aggression.

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