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Cats That Are Good with Kids

Certain cat breeds are known for being good with kids.

There's an image of a kid and his or her dog as best friends throughout the years. But a kid and a cat can have a similar relationship.

Fostering a good bond between a child and a cat takes supervision and work. The child must be taught to respect the cat and treat her gently, and the cat must have patience and care for the kid.

If you're wondering which cat breeds are known for being good with kids, we have a few to share with you. Just remember that each cat is an individual that might not conform to general breed personality characteristics, and handling and socialization make the biggest impact.

Cat Breeds That May Tolerate Kids Better

Here is a short list of cat breeds that have a reputation for generally being friendly with and enjoying children.

  • Exotic shorthairs. These kitties are basically Persians with short fur, but they have a bit mellower of a personality, also. Exotic shorthair cats love people, including small ones, and they're game for hanging out with and engaging in short bursts of play with kids. They're not particularly big on endurance, though, so long or hard play sessions may not be possible for them.
  • Maine coons. These cats are big, laid-back, and fun. They have dog-like personalities, and they generally tolerate and interact with kids quite well.
  • Ragdolls. Ragdoll cats are well-known for their cooperative nature. They become limp, like ragdolls, when they're picked up. Because of these qualities, they're good with children, but extra diligence must be taken to ensure that a ragdoll cat isn't harassed by a child because these cats are so laid-back that they'll allow it.
  • British shorthairs. These cats are solid and muscular, which helps when you're a cat that plays with kids. They also have open, happy personalities, and they are generally good with children. However, they aren't particularly active cats, so they may not be up for romping around with a child too much, but rather will probably prefer to hang out nearby and watch.
  • Devon rexes. This breed generally has members that are fun, goofy, smart, and cute. They love hanging out with people almost all the time, including small ones. You can learn more about them here: "Devon Rex Cats: An Interview with Fancy Cat."

You can learn more about the general characteristics of some popular cat breeds in this fun article: "Cat Breed Comparison Chart."

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