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Best Breeds for Multi-Cat Households

Learn great breeds for multicat households.

Thinking about getting another cat? Wondering which cat breeds have more of a tendency to get along with other cats? We have a few ideas for you.

At, we encourage cat adoption. You can find wonderful cats in need of homes at shelter and rescue groups. Purebred cats are also available through shelters and breed-specific rescue groups.

Which Cat Breeds Get Along with Other Cats the Best?

Remember, these are generalizations, and individual cats may not get along with one another regardless of their breed tendencies.

Here are some cat breeds known for their easy-going natures with regards to other cats.

  • Devon Rex: with their soft, wavy coats, these kitties are as cute as they are friendly. They tend to be outgoing and social. Learn more: "Devon Rex Cats: An Interview with Fancy Cat."
  • Maine Coon: this gentle giant of a cat is large in both physical size and personality. They are easy-going and friendly, even with other pets.
  • Ragdoll: these sweet kitties are so easygoing that they go limp like ragdolls when you pick them up. However, because they are so laid back, you should take care to ensure that they aren't being bullied by other cats in the home.
  • Japanese Bobtail: they may have a short tail, but these sweet kitties more than make up for that with their fun personalities. They generally like to play with toys and other pets.

You can learn more about the general characteristics of certain cat breeds here: "Cat Breed Comparison Chart."

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