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Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving with a Cat

Learn about hosting Thanksgiving when you have a cat.

If you're going to be hosting a Thanksgiving get-together this year and you have a cat, you may want to check out the following tips. They can help ensure that your guests and your cat all have a fantastic holiday.

Talk to Your Guests Ahead of Time

If you are hosting guests that aren't already familiar with your cat, it can help to let them know a bit about your feline friend ahead of time. That can be especially helpful if your guests will include any children.

All cats are different, and they like to be handled differently. Some cats like to be petted in specific ways or approached in a particular manner. Communicate those things with your guests ahead of time so they can act accordingly. That will help to head off any issues that may otherwise occur because your guests approach your kitty in a way he doesn't appreciate.

Make the Primary Party Zone Cat-Free

It can help things go more smoothly if you plan to keep the area where you'll be serving Thanksgiving dinner free of cats. Some people will feel more comfortable not having a kitty around while they're eating. That is especially important if your cat is a food-beggar or rubs on shins or jumps on the table or laps while people are eating.

Find Out if Anyone's Allergic

Ask your guests beforehand if they have cat allergies and, if so, how bad they are. You may need to forgo having dinner at your home if someone has a severe allergy. Otherwise, you may wish to do some extra vacuuming, lint rolling, and air purifying in the days leading up to the party.

Give Your Cat a Quiet Spot to Be

Many cats dislike the commotion involved with having guests over. Not only can it be more comfortable for some guests to have a cat-free place to eat, but it can also help many cats to give them a guest-free place to hang out. A safe room outfitted with a litter box, toys, food and water, and a cozy bed can be an excellent place for your cat to spend a few hours while you host Thanksgiving. You can even play some soothing music to help drown out the noise of your guests and calm your kitty if she's particularly averse to noise.

Remember, many Thanksgiving foods are toxic to cats, so keeping your kitty separated from the dining area is a good idea for that reason as well. Guests may share food without knowing it's a bad idea, or your cat may get dropped food.

With a little extra prep, your cat can enjoy a quiet day while you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your guests.

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