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Ways Your Cat Shows You Love: Slideshow

Your cat may show you love in funny ways.

Many people think that cats don't really love people. But that's not the case. Actually, cats do love interacting with people; they just might show it a bit differently than we're used to seeing it. Take a look at the following slides to learn how cats show humans love.

Head bumping and face rubbing means kitty love.

She head bumps you. Head butting and rubbing her face on you are ways your cat shows love. She's actually claiming you as her territory by depositing pheromones from her facial glands onto you. Isn't that sweet? Learn more: "Why Cats Head Bump?"

Cats use grooming to show love.

She grooms you. Mom cats groom their babies, and kittens feel safe and secure while that's happening. Those feelings translate to kitties associating love with grooming, so if your cat licks your arm, it means she loves you.

A cat is vulnerable while she’s sleeping.

She sleeps on you. Cats are vulnerable while they're sleeping, and they don't love feeling vulnerable. So if your kitty chooses to sleep on top of you, that means she trusts and loves you. If she sleeps on your head, she might love you extra, or she might just be cold: "Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?"

Cats purr for many reasons, and one of them is love.

She purrs at you. Purring can mean a lot of things, but one of them is contentment. If your cat is purring at you while showing other signs that she's relaxed, it means you're loved.

Making muffins is a way cats show love.

She kneads you. Kneading her front feet rhythmically on your lap or arm is another throw-back to kittenhood for your cat. Kitties knead on their mothers' tummies to help the milk flow, and they continue to do so as adults when they're feeling content and happy, just like when they were nursing as babies. Learn more: "Why Do Cats Knead?" If your kitty's claws poke you while she's kneading, consider getting a Muffin Blanket to protect your lap from happy muffin-making paws.

The slow eye blink is a sign of love from your cat.

She slow blinks at you. If your cat is staring at you, then slowly closes one or both eyes, opening them back up about halfway, she loves you! Slow eye blinking is a way that cats communicate contentment and ease with one another, and they use it on their favorite humans, too: "Why Do Cats Do the Slow Eye Blink: It's a Kitty Eye Love You!"

Cats may show love by delivering dead things.

She brings you something dead. This might not be your favorite way to receive love from your cat, but it is a method she uses to show it to you. Cats are predators that don't love sharing food, but they do so with their family members. Bringing you prey is a huge sign of love from your kitty.

If she pushes her gums into you, your cat loves you.

She pushes her gums into you. If your cat opens her mouth and gently pushes her gums into your arm, it means she loves you. This is another way that your kitty shows that you are hers. It can tickle or feel strange, but rest assured that it means nothing but good things to your cat.

A cat that shows you her belly is relaxed around you.

She rolls around in front of you, showing her tummy. A cat that rolls around, exposing her belly to you, really trusts you. That's a sign of feline love! Be cautious with petting that belly, though; some cats love that, but others really hate it, so you don't want to get bitten.

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