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How Can You Tell If Your Cat Loves You?

How do cats show affection?

From Kitty to You: How Do I Love Thee?
Let me count the ways.

I'm showing you that I love you when . . .

. . . I run to the door and greet you excitedly, with my tail arched high and twitching, as soon as I hear your car pull into the driveway.

. . . I climb onto your lap and give you such a hearty head bump that it knocks your glasses off.

. . . I say "be mine" by making figure eights through your legs and rubbing my scent on you.

. . . I push the bathroom door open in the morning and let myself in; you know, to keep you company.

. . . I bring the toy back to you after I pounce on it and claw it, because I know you'll toss it again, and we have fun playing together, with you throwing and me chasing.

. . . I show my appreciation for your redesign efforts by perching on all the tabletops and window sills that used to have pottery, photographs, and plants on them but have now been re-purposed as kitty hangouts.

. . . I walk in front of you, onto your keyboard, to make sure you take breaks from your work.

. . . I sometimes let you sleep in for an extra five minutes in the morning before I stick my face in yours.

. . . I cooperate as much as I can when you brush my teeth because, even though I'm a bit apprehensive about it, I trust you.

. . . I plop down on the shirt you just put on the bed because it reminds me of you.

. . . I calm down, at least a little, from your touch and your voice if I'm feeling scared at the vet's office.

. . . I purr loudly in response to your gentle strokes.

. . . I climb onto your lap and knead your legs with my front paws. This is what I used to do to my mother while I was nursing, and doing it to you means I feel happy.

. . . I give you a wet nose kiss.

. . . I finagle myself into the most inconvenient, awkward spots because I want to be next to you when I sleep.

. . . I stay in the room you're in, whether we're playing or just doing nothing because, after all these years, you're still my favorite person, and I know you love me.

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