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How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Cat

Tips for having a cat’s birthday party.

Any excuse is a good excuse for a party. Hanging out with friends and family celebrating something is great stress relief and bonding for everyone. So why not throw your cat a birthday party? Here are some ideas for how to make it fun and memorable for the people in your life and also for your cat.

Cats Don't Always Like Parties

Before you start planning a birthday party for your cat, consider her personality. Is she fun-loving and social or does she run and hide whenever someone knocks on the door? If your cat doesn't like visitors, your party might need to be given in her honor without her actual physical presence. You can set up a nice safe space for her to hang out in during the party, like a small room with a closed door, and put her litter box, food, water, bed, and toys inside. Play some classical music for her and let her enjoy the peace. Take some nice pictures of her to place around the party area in lieu of her presence, or set up a web cam so your guests can see how cute she is while she snuggles in her cat bed during the party.

If your cat loves people and doesn't mind noise, by all means, let her be party of the festivities. Just be sure everyone knows to keep doors to the outside closed so she doesn't escape, and tell them not to feed her any of the human birthday treats.

It might not be the best idea to invite other cats to the party. Cat fights could ensue, or other peoples' cats might get scared in your house with noise and people they don't know. Ask your guests to bring pictures of their cats instead.

Consider the Décor

It can be a lot of fun to plan and set up for a feline birthday party. You can give attention to all the little details, like the tablecloth, plates, and table decorations. You could even buy a kit like this one: Kitten Party Decorations.

Be creative with the party food, too. For instance, you can make up fun names to label your appetizers and main dishes, like kitty kibble.

Plan Some Games and Crafts

Use the cat theme to create some games for kids or adults to play, like this one: Pin the Name on the Kitten's Collar.

You can do cat-related crafts like kitten coloring pages or kitten cupcake decorating.

Have lots of fun with these themed games and crafts, and don't forget to take pictures.

Ask for Donations in Lieu of Gifts

Instead of gifts for your birthday cat, ask your guests for donations of money or items for your local cat shelter or rescue group. You can even check with the group to find out what they need first and give your guests a list of those items in their invitation. This is a great way to have fun with your friends while making a difference in the lives of local cats.

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