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4 Tips for Cleaning Cat Poop

Use these 3 helpful tips for cleaning up cat poop.

Cleaning up cat poop isn't one of the most exciting or fun parts of living with a cat, but it has to be done. Here are a few quick tips for making the process a little easier for you.

Schedule Your Scooping Duty

You need to scoop each of your cat litter boxes at least twice a day. You might need to scoop more often if you have multiple cats.

The best way to make sure you are getting this task done is to do it on a schedule; make it a routine. If you scoop at the same two times a day for three weeks in a row, you'll have made yourself a habit, and you'll be able to go on "autopilot" with your poop-scooping routine.

Once a week, you'll need to completely empty the litter box, throw out the remaining litter, and wash the box with soap and water. Putting this task on your automatic schedule is a good idea, too.

Remember: If you don't keep the litter box clean enough, you'll risk your cat deciding to go elsewhere. Then you'll be picking up poop from the carpet or, worse, trying to clean up cat urine.

Take the Top Off of the Box

A litter box with a top on it can make it more difficult for you to deal with the cat feces (and urine) inside. Not only is it harder for you to see when the box needs to be scooped, but it can also make your cat less likely to use the box because it feels confining and traps odors, making it less bearable for your sensitive-nosed feline friend.

Plus, cat urine and loose stool can get stuck to the box cover, creating a bigger clean-up job for you.

Get Helpful Tools

Having the right tools for the job is helpful in all situations, and cat poop care is no exception. We like the DuraScoop for scooping because it is strong, sturdy, rust-proof, has an ergonomic handle to reduce wrist strain, and really scrapes along the sides and bottom of the box well, leaving less residue that might cause your cat to turn her nose up to using the box.

You can learn more about why we like this scoop here: "Product Review: DuraScoop Cat Litter Scooper."

It's also helpful to have a good litter mat in front of or under your cat litter box, to trap extra litter and other litter box contents. You can then just pick up the mat and dump it into the trash.

Consider having a trash can with a lid right next to your cat litter box so that you can scoop right into it. These types of conveniences can go a long way toward keeping you on your cleaning schedule and maintaining your cat's happiness with her litter box.

Cleaning up an Accident

If your cat's poop ends up somewhere that it shouldn't, use these tips to clean it up:

  • Pick the poop up carefully, doing your best not to push it into the surface it's on.
  • Clean the area with an enzymatic cleaner made for cat messes. This is important because it will break down the contents of the stain and make it less likely for your cat to have another accident there, in an attempt to mark over the previous scents.

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