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Irish Cat Names

Irish names can be tweaked for maximum cat cuteness.

Are you feeling a little spritely and thinking about using an Irish name for your cat? We don't blame you: Irish cat names are adorable. In fact, we love them so much that we decided to make a list. Let us know in the comments what your Irish cat is named.

Male Irish Cat Names

Here are some male Irish or Ireland-related names with some ideas for giving them a little feline twist:

Irish Name Pronunciation Feline Twist
Aengus eng-iss Fangus
Ailbe al-bee Use this name for a white cat because it means "white."
Carney car-knee Clawney
Killian kill-ee-in Purrian
Fergus fur-gus Furgus
Leprechaun lep-reh-cahn Use this name for a small or mischievous cat.
Lochlan lawk-lin Clawklin
Seamus shay-muss Meowmus
Tomas toe-mas Cute for a polydactyl cat, with extra toes.

Female Irish Cat Names

Here are some Irish or Ireland-related names for girl cats, with suggestions for feline alternatives:

Irish Name Pronunciation Feline Twist
Caitlin cate-linn Catlin
Colleen cawl-een Claween
Claddagh klah-duh Clawdagh
Fionna fee-own-uh Furona
Kacee kay-see Catsee
Shamrock sham-rock Shamrock is cute for a male or female cat.

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