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Why Do Cats "Silent Meow"?

The Mystery of the Silent Meow - Part 1


Probably everyone who has interacted with their kitty has seen and almost heard it.

Your cat looks at you. She might give you a little eye blink. Her mouth slowly opens. A meow mouth movement is made a time or two. You hear a raspy little squeak, a breath, or nothing at all.

It is the “Silent Meow.”

Should You Be Concerned About a Silent Meow?

Uh-oh! Do you need to grab the phone to call an audiologist for yourself or a veterinarian for your suddenly mute cat?

No phone call is necessary. Your kitty is just communicating with you in a special way.

But what is being communicated?

No one is exactly sure what the silent meow means, though there is certainly a great deal of speculation about the topic.

What Does the Silent Meow Mean?

What is your silently meowing kitty thinking? What is she trying to say? Here are some ideas:

  • Your kitty is overwhelmed with affection for you. She is so in love and overcome with emotion that she simply cannot speak. There are no words.
  • Your kitty is hungry... very hungry. She needs food desperately. She is trying to tell you “I am so famished and weak. I can barely make a sound. Please, please feed me before I lose consciousness. And by the way, how about some of that tuna salad I saw you mixing up a little while ago? My dry food is so tedious.”
  • Your kitty meows with gusto most of the time. That takes energy. Now, she is a little sleepy and needs some quite time. “Let’s all speak with our 'indoor voice' right now, okay? Just like this. . .”
  • Your cat meows and tries to communicate her needs every day. All day. You rarely seem to understand the task she would like you to perform. You do not laugh at her funny stories. You never compliment her on her witty turn of phrase. Your kitty surrenders. You are obviously quite dull. “Oh, what’s the point in trying again? I give up.”

So, how about your cats? What are they trying to tell you? What do you think? Leave us a note in the comments and check out "Why Do Cats "Silent Meow" Part 2" for more speculation.

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