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How to Keep Your Cat Cozy From A-Zzz's


One prescription that will never be written for a cat: sleeping pills. Cats invented sleep. One imagines that at the North Pole, cats could sleep all night—from September to March! And then wake up their human at 5:45am the morning after the spring equinox.

The winters might not be quite as extreme where you live, but just remember:

As the snow gets deeper,
And the wind gets flapping,
The kitties get sleepier,
And the cats get napping

Even though cats are the master sleepers, there are ways of making your home even cozier for the resident kitties. And in the process, you're likely to be more well-rested yourself—so you'll have more energy to play with kitty in between snoozes. Here are some ideas and tips from A to Zzzz for making your place extra snuggly.

Accept your cat into your bed if the two of you are so inclined. While some people have trouble sleeping with their cats, others love the warm fur balls near or on them while they sleep. It's a matter of personal preference. But be forewarned: It may be difficult to get out of bed with a warm kitty snuggled up against you.

Beds for cats are not only comfortable for your cat, but designed in fashionable styles to fit in with your décor. Cat beds are now more high-quality, eco-friendly, and diverse than ever.

Cuddle up with your cat whenever you get the chance—on the sofa, on the floor in front of the fireplace, watching TV, and reading. Nothing is more satisfying than a quietly purring cat in your lap or curled up in the crook of your arm.

Darken the room to set the ambiance for maximum coziness. Although many cats become active at dusk and dawn (for hunting their prey), they normally can't see in complete darkness, and will be inclined to snooze. If nothing else, if you're in the room, the darkness may make you sleepy and kitty may follow suit.

Encourage your cat to use a cat bed, kitty condo, or covered box next to your own bed if your cat disturbs you when she sleeps with you. This way, you can both snooze together but in your own spaces.

Find your cat a place of her own—away from noisy printers, kids, and other pets—to relax, stretch out, and doze in for as long as she want to.

Give your feline paper bags and newspapers on which to lie. In fact, if you want your cat to join you on the bed, place a magazine next to you (or even better, papers you need from the office). It's almost guaranteed your cat will hop aboard. Boxes are good, too. Cats love to snuggle up in boxes. One more option: kitty will very likely enjoy sleeping on one of your recently-worn shirts. (You can get the cat hair out later.)

Have lots of throw pillows and cushions around the house that your cat can climb onto, settle down on, and purr herself to sleep on.

If you have to wake your cat, do so gently, and she may purr rather than be angry.

Join your cat for a nap when you get the chance. Cats know that naps are good for you. If you settle down quietly next to your cat, she will let you lie next to her for a bit. But don't be dismayed if she decides to get up and find another spot. Some cats like to sleep in solitude.

Kneading with their paws one after the other on soft material is a way that cats show contentment or soothe themselves. This action is thought to be reminiscent of when the cat was a kitten, and kneading made her mother's milk come out faster. It's a great honor if your cat chooses to knead on you before she lays her head down to sleep.

Let the sunshine in. Ever notice how your cat finds that little spot of warm sun coming in through the window? Make sure you leave the drapes or shades open enough to get some of that natural light in, which is good for both you and the kitty.

Make time for your cat during the day; you'll strengthen your bond and your cat will be more likely to seek you out for napping company.

Naps take up most of a cat's life. Cats sleep 13 to 16 hours a day; that's two-thirds of their time on earth. But they're not complaining. ("Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in about six days, take a look around, then close them again for the better part of their lives." - Stephen Baker)

Old T-shirts make great bedding for your cat. Between being soft and having your scent on them, they make a soothing place for your cat to peacefully fall asleep.

Pet your cat very gently when she's in a sleepy mood. If you're lucky, her eyes will close, she'll purr quietly and she'll gently drift off into sleep next to (or on) you for a while.

Quivering lids while your cat sleeps probably mean he's dreaming. We know that cats go through REM (rapid eye movement) stages during sleep, just as humans do. Since humans dream during this phase of sleep, there's no reason to think that cats don't do the same. In fact, since cats sleep more than humans do, and they experience REM sleep every 30 minutes while humans experience it every 90 minutes, cats may quite the dreamers compared to humans. The real question is: What do cats dream about? (We'll explore this in a future article.)

Rugs—especially nice fluffy round ones—are a must in the winter, especially if you have wooden or tile floors. If a rug feels warm to your feet, it will be an inviting spot to your cat.

Shelves are a great place for kitty to snooze and then watch life from above between naps. Leave some space on your cat's favorite perch so she can jump up on it when she's looking for a change of venue.

Towels, soft and fluffy, make wonderful sleep surfaces for kitties. Save your old towels; your cat doesn't mind if they're torn or shredded a bit. The more worn they are, the more sleep-able they are.

Under the blanket kitty goes. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon when it's frightful outside.

Ventilation is important—even in winter—to help you stay healthy for both you and Kitty. So you may want to open the window a tiny crack, even when it's cold outside. And that little bit of cold air will make you and your cat feel even warmer under or on top of the blankets. Another option is to buy a good quality air cleaner. (Look for a future article on these devices.)

Watch your cat while she sleeps. Cats can sleep anywhere, especially kittens. They can go from non-stop activity to sudden and peaceful sleep in a moment. Makes you wish you could be a cat.

X-tra attention is always welcome before your cat settles down. If fortune is smiling upon you, your cat will give you some, too.

Yawn and the world yawns with you—especially if you’re a cat. (Did you know that yawning is contagious—sometimes even between species? The couple that yawns together probably has empathy for each other.)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (no explanation needed)

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