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Feline Senility: Cognitive Disorder in Cats

If Kitty is in her golden years, don’t assume that those changes you see slowly creeping up are just normal aging changes. We now know that many of the changes we used to attribute to old age are in fact related to cognitive disorder.

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Caring for Your Senior Feline

You can't stop the aging clock entirely, but through keen attention to your cat's health and needs, an accommodating non-stressful home environment, and regular veterinary checkups and care (and, indirectly, steady progress in feline veterinary science), you can keep your cat purring and happy, maybe even mischievous, well into old age.

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Pampering Senior Cats

Ways to pamper and comfort your aging cat.

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When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Tips on how to deal with the grief of losing a cat.

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