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Does Your Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

Learn more about the signs, diagnosis, and treatment of separation anxiety in cats.

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Cat Not Using Litter Box? Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Do you have a cat that is urinating outside of the litter box? Find out the causes, treatments, and solutions for cats with inappropriate urination.

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Feliway - A Useful Tool to Help Treat Stress in Cats

The Feliway diffuser and Feliway spray are great methods for helping a cat that is experiencing some sort of stress.

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"Love Bites" or Softening You up to Eat?

What causes your feline friend to nip at you, when only moments before, you were playing with them and petting them? Learn more about "Love Bites" and what they mean.

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Stress in Cats

Do cats experience stress? Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments of stress in cats.

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Hoarding Behavior in Cats

Does your cat collect items and stockpile? Learn about cat collecting and hoarding behavior in felines.

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Cats vs. Doors

Does your cat always seem to feel like they're on the wrong side of a closed door? Learn about a cats disapproving behavior toward closed doors and solutions to remedy that behavior.

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Abnormal Cat Behavior

A lack of appropriate socialization from 3-16 weeks of age may contribute to the development of some abnormal cat behaviors. Boredom and stress can also be contributors. Genetics may play a role in basic personality type and some compulsions.

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Normal Cat Behavior

Early social experiences, particularly between the ages of 3-9 weeks are critical to the development of normal behaviors in the adult cat.

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Feline Separation Anxiety

Feline separation anxiety usually presents itself more subtly than it does in dogs. For some felines, attachment can become excessive and dysfunctional. Read this article to learn more about Feline Separation Anxiety Syndrome.

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