Cats That Are Good with Kids

Certain cat breeds are known for being good with kids.

There's an image of a kid and his or her dog as best friends throughout the years. But a kid and a cat can have a similar relationship.

Fostering a good bond between a child and a cat takes supervision and work. The child must be taught to respect the cat and treat her gently, and the cat must have patience and care for the kid.

If you're wondering which cat breeds are known for being good with kids, we have a few to share with you. Just remember that each cat is an individual that might not conform to general breed personality characteristics, and handling and socialization make the biggest impact.

Cat Breeds That May Tolerate Kids Better

Here is a short list of cat breeds that have a reputation for generally being friendly with and enjoying children.

You can learn more about the general characteristics of some popular cat breeds in this fun article: "Cat Breed Comparison Chart."

Remember, at, we advocate cat adoption. You can find purebred cats at shelters, or you can look for a breed-specific rescue group.

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