Protecting Your Nighttime Water Glass from Your Cat

Does your cat like to drink out of your water glass?

Does your cat dip her paw into the water glass you keep on your nightstand? Maybe she just sticks her whole face in to get a drink, rendering your water useless for the night. Worse yet, maybe you take a drink, not knowing your cat drank out of it while you slept.

This is a common predicament for many cat owners who like to keep a glass of water beside their bed at night. Cats often like to drink out of their owner's water cups, and the lure of a nice, cool glass of water that's unattended because their human is asleep might be more than a cat can resist.

How to Protect Your Water Glass from Your Cat at Night

Here is a quick tip for keeping your nighttime water glass unmolested by your cat when you sleep at night. It's a two-step tip that's easy and works great.

Another Water Idea for Your Cat

If your cat likes drinking fresh water out of your water glass, she might like a drinking fountain. They keep water moving, which cats usually like, and they have filters that remove odors and flavors from the water that might keep cats from drinking it.

You can learn more here: "Should Your Cat Get a Water Fountain?"

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