Teach Your Cat to Lie Down

Cats can be trained to follow commands.

It might surprise you to learn that cats can be taught to follow commands similarly to dogs. Though many people don't think of cats as trainable, they can be taught many things. The trick to training cats is to always use patience, positivity, and praise.

Train Your Cat to Lie Down

Teaching your cat a "down" command may be the most natural place to start when training your cat. Here's how:

Over time, repeat this training process often until your kitty associates the down command with her lying down and begins to respond to it.

What if Your Cat Doesn't Lie Down?

If you aren't able to catch your cat naturally lying down to teach the "down" command, you can use a lure to get her into the right position. Here's how:

This might go more easily if your cat is on a raised surface such as a chair, so you can pull the treat or toy down below her.

As time goes on, wait longer to click and reward until you get to a point where you're only doing it once your cat is entirely lying down.

Extra Training Tips

Here are a few general training tips to keep in mind for teaching things to your cat.

Once you've successfully trained your cat to respond to the down command, you can move on to other commands and tricks. Often, subsequent commands are easier to teach your cat than the first one because she's learned about the click or "yes" and better understands what you're trying to do.

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