Fire Safety for Cats

Cats can actually start house fires.

House fires are terrifying events. If this unthinkable experience happens to you, once your human family is safe, your first thought will be for your animals.

Preventing House Fires

Over 500,000 pets die annually in house fires. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help prevent fires in your home. First, knowing the common causes of house fires will help you lower the risks.

Pets Can Start House Fires

Did you know that pets start over 1,000 house fires every year? You can help ensure that your cat doesn't start a fire in your home by doing the following:

Fire Safety Tips for Cats

Once you've done all you can to decrease the risks of a house fire, you can do some things to improve you and your cat's chances of surviving one if it happens anyway.

House fires are dangerous and terrifying events. With a little attention to prevention and preparedness, you and your cat's chances of surviving one will increase dramatically.

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