Why Do Cats "Silent Meow"?

The Mystery of the Silent Meow - Part 1


Probably everyone who has interacted with their kitty has seen and almost heard it.

Your cat looks at you. She might give you a little eye blink. Her mouth slowly opens. A meow mouth movement is made a time or two. You hear a raspy little squeak, a breath, or nothing at all.

It is the “Silent Meow.”

Should You Be Concerned About a Silent Meow?

Uh-oh! Do you need to grab the phone to call an audiologist for yourself or a veterinarian for your suddenly mute cat?

No phone call is necessary. Your kitty is just communicating with you in a special way.

But what is being communicated?

No one is exactly sure what the silent meow means, though there is certainly a great deal of speculation about the topic.

What Does the Silent Meow Mean?

What is your silently meowing kitty thinking? What is she trying to say? Here are some ideas:

So, how about your cats? What are they trying to tell you? What do you think? Leave us a note in the comments and check out "Why Do Cats "Silent Meow" Part 2" for more speculation.

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