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Reduce Pet Scratching Damage While Traveling

Soft Paws® can make traveling with pets easier by reducing the risk of scratching damage to rentals.

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Car Sickness in Cats

Cats don't always love car rides. Your cat may suffer from motion sickness or anxiety-related vomiting in the car. Find out ways to help your cat with car sickness.

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Boarding Options

Boarding options for cats when you're traveling and unable to take kitty along.

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Choosing A Cat Carrier

Tips on how to choose the right cat carrier for your needs.

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Microchipping Your Cat

Microchips are safe, effective identification for cats. Having your cat microchipped drastically increases the chances that he or she will be returned to you if lost.

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Traveling With Your Cat

Get all of the information you need to help your cat be relaxed when the two of you take your next trip.

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