Tips for Giving a Cat a Pill

Learn how to give a cat pills.

If your cat has been prescribed pills for a short or long-term condition, you may be a bit nervous, wondering how you will manage to get your cat to take them.

We have a few tips you can use to help you get those pills into your kitty.

How to Give a Cat a Pill

Before attempting to pill your cat, you may wish to wrap her body and front feet in a small blanket or towel. This can help reduce her ability to scratch. Having a second person to help hold her and keep the towel steady is helpful.

Here are the main steps for giving a cat a pill:

Always be careful when giving any cat a pill. Even if you know the cat well, you may be bitten either purposely or accidentally.



You can take a look at this video: "How to Give a Cat a Pill" to see the process.

Other Options for Pilling Cats

If you are unable to give your cat a pill using the method above, here are a couple of other possibilities:

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