Product Review: DuraScoop Cat Litter Scooper

DuraScoop review puts product to the test.

Here at, we're cat lovers just like you. We also know that scooping the litter box is one of the less enjoyable tasks associated with sharing our homes with feline furballs.

So we set out to make it easier for ourselves and you by finding the best cat litter scooper available. What we found was the DuraScoop. This product really stood up to the challenges we set for it.

DuraScoop Durability

The DuraScoop is made entirely of metal. There are no plastic parts to bend or break, and the metal itself is strong and won't snap. This is especially important if you have multiple cats or if you sometimes wait a little while to scoop, allowing the box to fill up. Large urine clumps can get heavy, and we've had plastic scoopers break when we tried to get underneath them.

Not only that, but the metal that the DuraScoop is made from is aluminum. This means that it won't ever rust. This was important to us because we obviously deal with liquids when we're scooping the box, plus we like to clean the scoop with the hose outside sometimes. A rusted metal scooper will break just like a plastic one when you are dealing with heavy litter clumps.

DuraScoop Efficiency

The DuraScoop is jumbo-sized; it's a deep and wide scoop to make short work of an unpleasant task. The design of the scooping edge is such that there isn't any "flicking" of messy contents all over the place. That's important because we don't want to create another mess to clean up while we're scooping out the litter box. The edge of the DuraScoop also easily gets under urine clumps, scraping the box clean quite efficiently.

Designed Like the Hand Tool That It Is

The DuraScoop is a remarkably different product than other litter scoopers that we've used. In fact, it's really more like a hand tool than it is like other litter scoopers.

DuraScoop Attractiveness

Lastly, we were impressed with how attractive the DuraScoop is. With its shiny aluminum surface and choice of lovely handle colors, we don't mind keeping ours on a hook near the litter box.

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