What Is the Best Cat Scratching Post for Your Cat?

Learn what qualities a cat looks for in a scratching post.

When it comes to picking out a cat scratching post for your cat, there are many important things you need to consider. The shape, material, size, weight, and overall look of the post should all be carefully considered before you make a purchase. Don't be fooled by a cheap price tag—any money, whether a small or large amount—is wasted if your cat doesn't like what you present to him. Below, we'll walk you through the process of choosing the best cat scratching post for your furry feline friend, ensuring that the first purchase you make is a good one.

There are a few basic questions you can keep in mind when shopping for a good cat scratching post:

Be sure to go through all five of the above questions before settling on a post. If you let one or more of the suggestions slip, chances are it will turn out to be a waste of time, effort, and money. Choose the best post first.

Choosing the Best Cat Scratching Post for Your Cat

When it comes to cat scratching posts, you want to choose a brand that upholds all of the crucial standards listed above that help ensure you're getting a high-quality product. Our favorite brand is Purrfect Post®, and we'll tell you exactly why we value them so highly.

Purrfect Post® products meet and exceed all of our qualifications for a great cat scratching post:

Our Favorite Purrfect Post® Products Chosen Especially for Your Cat

The Mondo!™ Deluxe

The Mondo!™ Deluxe

Just as its name suggests, this cat scratching post is striking and remarkable. At 39 inches tall, it's a giant post that is great for all cats, small and large. The thick post provides plenty of space for kitties to stretch long and wide. Even the base is covered in sisal fabric, providing cats with a horizontal scratching surface as well. Go Deluxe to receive the plush carpet bed on top (available in leopard, deep brown, or cappuccino) for a cozy spot to nap and lounge. Place it near a window, and it doubles as a place to watch the birds and sunbathe.

The Purrfect Angle

The Purrfect Angle

If your cat can't get enough of the shredding satisfaction provided by corrugated cardboard, the Purrfect Angle will quickly become his favorite scratching pad. Unlike other light and flimsy cardboard scratchers, the Purrfect Angle is heavy and sturdy. A thick and hefty corrugated cardboard insert is mounted in a solid wood base tilted at just the right angle to provide your cat with the best stretching opportunities. Many cats will position themselves bottom-up to thoroughly stretch their shoulders and upper back, but the options are endless. Best of all, the cardboard insert is quick, easy, and cheap to replace, providing your cat with endless entertainment.

The Command Center

The Command Center

If you have multiple cats, this is the ultimate cat scratching setup. Available in two versions, Standard or Deluxe, either option will surely satisfy all the cats in your home, likely at the same time! You'll save money by ordering this combo deal—the Mondo plus the Purrfect View, or as cats like to call it, the Command Center. Don't be surprised if they start bossing you around from their ultra-high Purrfect Beds, which sit atop two thick, sisal fabric-covered posts, anchored in their own solid wood bases. (The Deluxe features two beds while the Standard features one bed and one platform.) If your cats want a little space from each other, simply position the two separate posts in their own private suites. Your kitties will feel like royalty romping around these hand-crafted masterpieces. Pair it with a Purrfect Angle, and they'll really go kitty-crazy!

The Options Are Endless with Purrfect Post®

Whether you're looking for a basic post, like the Standard Purrfect Post®, or something more complex, like the Command Center, Purrfect Post® has all of your cat-scratching needs covered. Check out the website, PurrfectPost.com, for a full list of products as well as fun toys and cute accessories for your furry friends.

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