Medicating Eyes

kitten_sitting_downAfter cleansing, specific prescription therapy may need to be instilled into a cat’s eye in those cases when illness is present. These eye preparations are generally liquid or ointment formulations.

Liquid Eye Medication

  • For treatment with liquid medications, steady the cat (especially her head), and apply gentle pressure below (+ above the eye) to help keep the eyelid open. Using the other hand, gently express a drop or two of medication so that gravity will carry it into the eye.
  • One wants to have the dropper distance far enough away so Kitty does not panic and think she will be getting a nasty poke in the eye, but close enough so that the drop impact will be minimized. The optimal distance is about 1 cm away from the eyeball. In the picture below, our assistant is slowly moving the medication bottle towards the eyeball, pictured at about 2 cm away. Slow movement of the bottle is paramount! Otherwise Kitty may head for the hills.
  • Warming the drops to room temperature before treatment time will also help to reduce the sensation of the drop hitting the eye. Holding the bottle in your hand for a few minutes ahead of treatment will bring medication to body temperature—that's even better.