You Love Spoiling Your Cat, but Should You?

Spoiling your cat should be done without using food.

You love your cat, and you want to spoil her. But is it good for your cat to be doted upon and have a steady stream of lavish gifts? The answer is: it depends on your definition of spoiling.

How Do People Spoil Their Cats?

It's quite common for people to "spoil" their cats by giving them special treats or food or increased amounts of their regular food and treats.

Cats love their food and treats, and it can be easy for humans to fall into the trap of showing love to their feline friends through diet. Unfortunately, this can lead to obesity, which is associated with many feline diseases and a shortened life span.

Using food to show love isn't spoiling your cat; it could even be harming her.

In case you're worried that your cat will be angry with you if you decrease the treats, take a look at "Will My Cat Love Me Less if I Feed Her Less?"

How Should You Spoil Your Cat?

Here are some non-food ways to show your cat you care about her and love her that won't negatively impact her health. In fact, they might improve it.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can spoil your cat that don't have to do with food. They provide exercise, mental stimulation, and closeness with you. Use some of these techniques, and you might just find that you're feeling pretty spoiled yourself.

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