Mushroom Toxicity in Cats

Are mushrooms toxic to cats?

It happens so fast! One day, you are enjoying your backyard or your favorite wooded hiking path with your cat and nothing is out of the ordinary. The next day, the same area seems to be covered in small yellow, brown, or white mushrooms. Weather conditions were just right for them to sprout and your cat thinks they look like a delicacy. Before you know it, he's eaten some and you're left wondering "Are mushrooms toxic to cats?" The answer is that many are. Those that aren't specifically toxic can still cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to vomiting. Mushroom ingestion in cats seems to happen more commonly in kittens because they are so curious and mischievous.

Many Varieties of Mushrooms ARE Toxic

There are countless varieties of mushrooms and many of them have been associated with toxicity in cats. Here are a few examples of common poisonous mushrooms based on the type of toxin they contain. There are many others and you should not rely on this list or pictures to identify a mushroom if your cat has eaten one.

Death Cap Mushroom contains Amanitin toxins that are poisonous to cats Destroying Angel Toxic Mushroom contains Amanitin that are poisonous to cats

Mushrooms Are Difficult to Identify, Mimic Each Other, and Dangerous Types Grow Next to Safe Types

Mushrooms can be extremely difficult to identify. When humans die from mushroom toxicity, it is usually because they misidentified the mushroom. Many mushrooms look very similar to each other and, where growing conditions are right for mushrooms, you will often find multiple similar types growing together.

Consider Any Mushroom Ingested by Your Cat to Be a Toxic One and Get Help

Because toxic mushrooms can be so tricky to recognize, you should consider any mushroom that is eaten by your cat to be dangerous. Contact your veterinarian, take your cat in, and bring any remaining mushroom, wrapped in a moist paper towel, with you. If there is any doubt as to the safety of the mushroom that was eaten, it should be treated as though it is toxic. Your veterinarian may do several things when you take your cat in.

Preventing Mushroom Intoxication in Cats

It is best to consider all mushrooms to be toxic ones. If you see any mushrooms in your yard, pull them up and dispose of them. If you see that mushrooms have been popping up along your hiking trail, keep your cat on a leash (if you take your cat on walks with you) to minimize his ability to get them.

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