First Aid for a Cat with Internal Bleeding

A cat bleeding internally is an emergency.

If you see blood coming from your cat's body, you know that your cat needs help. But what if the bleeding is internal? Your cat still needs immediate aid, but how will you know, and what will you do?

Signs of Internal Bleeding in Cats

Some of the indications that a cat will give that internal bleeding is occurring include:

First Aid for Cats with Internal Bleeding

If you suspect that your cat is suffering from internal bleeding, keep him as calm as you can. Wrap him in a towel or blanket, and speak calmly and soothingly to him.

Unfortunately, there will not be any way for you to lessen or stop your cat's internal bleeding. You must get your kitty to the veterinarian right away for supportive care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Head to the veterinarian immediately if you suspect internal bleeding. If your cat loses consciousness, check for breathing and a heartbeat, and perform rescue breathing or CPR as needed.

If your cat is experiencing external bleeding (blood that you can see coming from an area of the body), you can go here: "First Aid for a Cat with External Bleeding" for first aid tips.

You can learn more about first aid for other situations here: "First Aid for Cats: An Overview."

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