How to Keep Outdoor Cats from Bothering Your Indoor Cat

Learn how to keep outdoor cats from bothering indoor ones.

Few things can get some cats rattled and angry like the presence of a cat on their property when they can't get out to defend against it. Indoor cats that can see or sense another cat outside can become quite angry and even engage in redirected aggression, attacking people or other pets in the home as a proxy for the unreachable outdoor kitty.

If you think this could be going on with your cat, here are some things you can do to help.

Use Stress-Relieving Practices in the House

Cats that are stressed, like those that can see a trespassing cat outside, can benefit from some feline stressbusters such as:

The more calmness you can encourage inside, the better your cat will be able to cope with the outdoor cat's presence.

Try to Dissuade the Outside Cat

You can do some things to dissuade the outdoor cat from coming around, such as:

Block Your Indoor Cat's View

Sometimes it's necessary, at least temporarily, to block your cat's view outside, so the intruder can't be seen. You can keep heavy curtains over a window and remove cat beds or posts from that window for a while.

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