Creating the Best Environment for Your Cat

Cats have different requirements for achieving Zen-like peace than humans.

For humans, Zen-like, fully feng shui'd environments can help alleviate stress and add to the development of a peaceful, productive existence. However, when it comes to creating the best space for your cat, clutter-free and Zen-like is the wrong way to go.

Cats Need Stimulation

To stay both physically and mentally healthy, cats need a fair bit of stimulation. In the wild, cats are hunters, so they're always thinking, plotting, and considering how to get their next meal. Then, they expend a burst of physical energy to chase, pounce on, and bring down their prey.

In order to keep a cat that doesn't have to live outside and catch his own food happy and feeling peaceful, we need to provide him with plenty of enriching activities inside.

Creating a Great Cat Space

Here are some of the ways you can create a cat-friendly space that will have your cat feeling physically and emotionally content:

Provide Plenty of Playtime

Beyond providing the above great components of a fantastic cat space, be sure that you give your cat time with you, too. Spend 10-20 minutes per day playing with your cat. Interactive toys such as wand toys are wonderful for cats because they allow them to "pretend" to be hunting. This is important for a cat's mental health and also helps fight obesity. Plus, playing with your cat is great stress relief for you, too.

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