How To Take Your Cat To The Vet


So you and your cat are due to go to the vet clinic for her routine wellness examination or vaccination booster, but it is 6 hours to countdown and there's no cat in sight? You look everywhere. Every small space that your cat chooses to hide in when company comes, but no luck! Ever wonder if our cats know about that upcoming vet visit, or is it just by chance that every year the same thing happens and she disappears just in time?

You are not alone.

There is no clear explanation for this fairly common scenario. Cats pick up on people’s emotions, so if you are worried about the visit, chances are she senses your changing mood, and that is what triggers the hiding—but we will never know for sure because cats are not big conversationalists.

Tips for Making Visiting to the Vet with Your Cat as Stress-free as Possible

Whatever you do, don't forgo your cat's vet visit because it's a hassle. Cats need to see their doctors routinely for many reasons Learn more here: "Why Should I Take My Cat to the Vet?."

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