Cat Collar Controversy

When making a decision about collars, there are some things to remember.

Should cats wear collars? A debate has been raging for years within the cat owner population and those with an opinion are usually adamant in their beliefs. When making a decision about collars, there are some things to remember.

There are Several Types of Cat Collars on the Market

A Breakaway Cat Collar is the Only Acceptable Choice to Ensure Your Cat's Safety

No matter what mischief a kitty may find, a breakaway collar will release and not cause any bigger issues, such as getting hung up on a fence or branch. If a cat is outside, adding a reflective element to the collar will add a safety measure once the sun goes down.

Cat Collars Allow for ID Tags

This is especially important for kitties that are indoor/outdoor or spend all of their time outside. If there is ever any question about the identity of the cat is, or if a cat is lost, wearing a collar with an ID tag will put all doubts to rest. An ID tag with the human's correct contact info on it will quickly establish that a "found" cat really does belong to someone. Even cats that have been microchipped need a place to display the tag that comes with the chip so that, hopefully, someone will use that universal reader that is lying around most veterinary clinics, humane societies, and animal shelters. (As a side note: some states require outdoor cats to wear rabies tags.)

Should Indoor-Only Cats Wear Collars?

Even for an indoor cat, a collar is still a great idea just in case that wily feline decides the outside looks better than the inside. However, make sure that an ID tag with the proper contact information for the human is present.

There Are Several Options Available for Providing Cats with an ID. These include:

Bells on Cat Collars?

There is much contention surrounding this issue.

Because of their diminutive size, kittens are capable of finding hiding and sleeping in places we would never anticipate. A bell attached to that new breakaway collar can really help keep tabs on the kitten's location until it's bigger than an iPad.

Does a bell warn wildlife, especially birds, that a cat is on the prowl? Believe it or not, much research has been done on this subject and several interesting facts have emerged:

There really is no clear-cut resolution to the cat collar controversy. Making an informed, intelligent decision based on your cat's situation is the best thing that you can do for your cat.

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