Cats That Are Good with Dogs

Find out some common cat breeds that are good with dogs.

If you have a dog in your home and are thinking about getting a cat, you might be wondering which cat breeds get along well with canine housemates.

The answer is: all cats are individual, and all dogs are, too.

When you bring a new cat into a home with a dog, be sure to keep them separated at first, allowing only supervised time for them to meet and greet each other daily. Watch for signs that your dog may not treat the kitty respectfully, and be ready to intervene to keep everyone safe.

Still, there are some cat breeds that have a tendency toward more laid-back, easygoing temperaments. Some breeds are known for their ability to interact with, tolerate, and even enjoy playing with dogs.

Breeds of Cat That Tend to Be Good with Dogs

Here are some cat breeds that are generally known to be good with dogs:

Don't forget that each cat is an individual, so these are breed generalizations that may or may not hold true for yours.

At, we advocate for cat adoption. You can find mixed and purebred cats that need homes at shelters, and you can also contact breed-specific rescue groups to adopt a cat.

For more general information about some popular cat breeds, take a look at our "Cat Breed Comparison Chart."

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