Names for Black Cats

Black cats may be named for their special coat.

Congratulations! You've chosen to ignore superstitions and misconceptions and acquire a black cat to be your companion. Now you need the perfect name.

Naming your black cat for his or her personality traits is a great way to go, as it is with any cat. However, if you're interested in finding a name that alludes to the lovely color of your companion's fur, here are some fun choices.

Names that Are Great for Black Cats

These names are tried and true for black cats, referring directly and obviously to their coat color.

More Subtle Black Cat Names

These names might take a little more thought to connect them with your cat's coat color.

Tricky Black Cat Names

These black cat names are a bit wittier.

Then There Are the Ironic Black Cat Names

Sometimes it's fun to name a black cat for something that is associated with a color or condition that's the opposite of black.

Whether you choose to name your cat something that relates to his or her black fur or something that has nothing to do with it, be sure to enjoy the process of thinking of the perfect name.

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