Car Sickness in Cats

Car sickness in cats is often related to anxiety.

Many cat owners have experienced the unhappy phenomenon of driving with your cat in the car when suddenly you hear the unmistakable sounds associated with feline vomiting. You know that you'll now need to clean the carrier and your cat when you get to your destination. Why do so many cats experience car sickness?

What Causes Car Sickness in Cats?

Cats may vomit in the car because of motion sickness. Their inner ear balance systems aren't used to the different pressures and sensations involved with car-riding. This is especially an issue in kittens because their balance system is still immature. Other causes of car sickness in cats may include:

Signs of Car Sickness in Cats

If your cat suffers from car sickness, you may see or hear the following signs from her while she is in the car:

Treatment of Car Sickness in Cats

The treatment of feline car sickness may include medications, natural remedies, and/or desensitization.

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