How to Play With Your Cat- Part One

cat_playFor cats and their humans, interactive play is a “seriously fun” endeavor. It is an important daily activity that enriches your cat’s life.

Why Play with Your Cat?

Interactive playing has many benefits for your cat (and for you):

General Strategies for Maximum Benefit During Interactive Play with Your Cat

Safety First:

The World of Cat Toys

Toys are a central part of cat play. They are most notably stand-ins for prey in the wild—not exact replicas but close enough. They stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts and imagination and provide a tactile target for stalking, pouncing, and destroying.

Good Times to Play with Your Cat

There are no hard and fast rules for the best times to play with your cat, but the following guidelines may help the two of you get the most out of your play sessions.

Consider initiating interactive play:

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