Why Isn't My Cat Very Affectionate?

Learn how to identify sings of kitty affection.

Do you have a cat that doesn't seem to show you he cares about you very often? Maybe you're expecting him to jump on your lap all the time, run to meet you at the door, or otherwise forcefully let you know he loves you?

While some cats are quite exuberant and affectionate, others are not as overtly so. But that doesn't mean your cat isn't showing you he loves you—it just means you'll have to look a little harder to see the signs.

Watch for These Subtle Signs of Feline Affection

If your cat is the more stoic or aloof type, make sure you're not missing these signs that he loves you:

As you can see, cats have many ways of showing they love you, even if they aren't as demonstrative as you'd like. You just need to know what to look for. Now that you know how your cat shows love, learn how you can let him know you love him back: "How to Tell Cats You Love Them."

Why Are Some Cats Less Affectionate Than Others?

Most of the time, this just comes down to individual personality differences. However, some cats might be less affectionate because they didn't have enough socialization with humans when they were young kittens.

When you get a new kitten, make sure you handle and pet him a lot, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. This can increase the likelihood that, as an adult, he will be friendly and outgoing.

You might be able to help your cat accept more physical closeness with you if he's not naturally inclined to do so. Take a look at this article to learn how: "Can You Make Your Cat into a Lap Cat?"

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