Why Do Some Cats Carry Food Out Of Their Bowls to Eat It?

Some cats carry their kibble to another spot to eat it.

Have you ever seen a cat use his paw to scoop some kibble out of his bowl? Maybe he eats it from the floor right beside the bowl, or maybe he takes it all the way across the room before he drops and eats it.

What is this behavior all about? Why do some cats carry food out of their bowl to eat it?

Cats Have Good Reasons for Carrying Food Away from Their Bowls

Experts believe there are several reasons for the common feline behavior of removing food from the bowl and eating it elsewhere. These include:

Is Food Carrying a Problem?

Most of the time, your cat's habit of pulling kibble out of his bowl and moving it elsewhere before eating it won't be a problem. However, if you have multiple cats that frequently fight over food, you will need to make some modifications.

You can feed your cats meals instead of free-choice, giving them their food in different areas or even separate rooms. You can find more ideas here: "Tips for Feeding Cats in Multiple Cat Households."

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